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The folks over at Talk Wargaming have started a series of reviews on Robotech RPG Tactics, starting with the models that are shipped in the base set. The review of the models is honest one.

First off, the minis are beautiful and insanely detailed, and that’s part of what gets them in trouble. All the detail means a lot of undercuts, which means a lot of pieces. All of the EUDF mecha have undercuts or recessed details on both sides of their legs, meaning they need to be moulded in two halves per leg, which means more parts but also means wicked big seams running up the fronts and backs of most major pieces, likewise for the forearms of all the valkyries, the limbs on the glaugs, etc. They could have sacrificed some details for simpler moulds with less parts, but they didn’t. I can respect that, and honestly many of the seams aren’t bad if you’re equipped to do some filing and sanding and maybe a little light fill work.  It would be forgivable if not for everything else…

Mold line issues became a big concern when Palladium first showed models via the Kickstarter page. Currently I’m ok with it as it lead to more detailed models, that said other miniature games such as Malifaux have crazy amounts of detail without having big mold lines. I have yet to put together any of my models yet, but I think its safe to say that the model kits are for a more seasoned modeler.

Robotech RPG Tactics arrives at stores

Robotech RPG Tactics arrives at stores

Its true, we are now getting reports that Robotech RPG Tactics has started to land at some retailers! So if you missed the kickstarter you can now get in on the fun.